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Modern Combat 5: The Best Class To Use In The PC Game for Free

Best Class To Use in Modern Combat 5

One of the features that separate Modern Combat 5 from many other first-person shooting games is the different classes. The game currently has 11 different classes available for players to equip. The current classes available are Assault, Heavy, Recon, Support, Sniper, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, Kommander, Maurader, and Tracker. Each class would allow players to equip certain types of weapons and provide specific skills they can use in matches.

For example, the Assault class allows players to equip assault rifles and pistols. This class also has skills like Berserk, allowing players to have 30% increased damage for 10 seconds. This is just one example, and the class has many more skills available, as each class 8 skills to activate. But with 11 classes to choose from, which of them is the best one to use in solo battles or multiplayer matches? Let’s discuss this in the article.


The Different Classes in Modern Combat 5

Before we discuss which class is the best, let’s first identify at least five classes to give you an idea of what some of the class is offering. In this description, one skill will also get mentioned to see a glimpse of their advantage.


modern combat 5 assault class


  • Assault – This is the default class every beginner will start with and will allow them to equip assault rifles and pistols. This class also boosts damage and carries additional ammo, as well as being good at medium-range combat. One of the skills available is Improved Gearbox. This increases grenade inventory depending on the skill’s level
  • Recon – This class is more focused on fast action and makes players more agile. It equips submachine guns and pistols, making it good at close to medium-range combat. But unlike the Heavy class, Recon relies more on moving quicker and faster than relying on force. Asa fast and quick soldier, skills would be more suited to take advantage of that fast-paced action. One example is Reveal, which allows the Recon to see enemies within 10 meters on the radar.


modern combat 5 range sniper


  • Sniper – This is a class that specializes in long-range and stealthy combat. Sniper rifles and pistols would be your weapon of choice in  this class. Since stealth and accuracy would be this class’ main features, the skills are geared towards that. An example would be    Toughened, which reduces flinch whenever you are shot. The percentage of reduction depends on the skill level. This class is unlocked at level 10.
  • Heavy – This is a class where you can equip shotguns and launchers and is more suited for close-range combat. This class also allows  players to be more resilient with its damage reduction skills, as well as healing. One example of this class’ skill is the Medkit, which can instantly restore 45 HP to the player. This class is available after reaching level 25
  • Tracker – Lastly, the latest class that’s released in Modern Combat 5: Tracker. It specializes in using companions that can continuously seek and attack enemies. One of its skills is Mark, which auto-locks an enemy within a certain range and makes them visible on the map for allies to see. 


modern combat 5 tracker class


Which Class is the Best One to Use?

Now that you have an idea of some of the classes, which among them is the best to use? It would depend on your style of play. If you’re someone who prefers always to attack enemies, then classes that specialize in this technique is the best. Choose something like Assault, Heavy, Marauder, X1-Morph, and Kommander for your mission. Otherwise, if you prefer to hunt enemies from a distance, then the Sniper and Tracker might be a good choice. You can also go with a Supporter role, if you’re main strength is assisting your teammates.

Still, if you’re unsure, then go with the Bounty Hunter since this class is the most versatile. It allows you to play various roles in matches. Remember, when choosing what class you will use, you should go with the class that works well with your play style. 

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