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Modern Combat 5: Is It Possible for Gamers To Play It Offline?

Modern Combat 5 PC Game

Modern Combat 5 is one of the best and most entertaining shooting games that you can play. It’s a first-person shooting game that offers various game modes for you to enjoy. These game modes are divided into two main categories, Single-player mode or Multiplayer mode. For single-player mode, there’s the campaign or story mode of the game, as well as the Special Ops.

For Multiplayer mode, there’s the Soldier’s League, the Duel, the Squad Play, and Non-Ranked gameplay. There’s also the Boosted Events game, which is also a multiplayer game mode. It’s an entertaining and great game to play that you will enjoy when you download it. One question that beginners of Modern Combat 5 would ask is, “Is it available offline?” For instance, the previous Modern Combat games in the franchise (from 1 – 4) are all playable offline. So, is Modern Combat 5 the same? Let’s find out.


modern combat 5 requires connection


Modern Combat 5 Is Not Playable Offline

Unfortunately, Modern Combat 5 is not playable without an internet connection. It is actually the first game in the series that doesn’t offer an offline mode, even for its Single-player mode, which is a shame. It’s understandable for the Multiplayer mode to require an internet connection since matches are played against people from different parts of the world. The only way to properly do that is by connecting the game to the internet.

But with the Single-player mode, the internet is not a requirement since you will be playing the game against the AI instead of actual players. So there’s no reason for the game to need an internet connection for the Single-player mode. So if you plan on downloading this game and hope that you can also play it offline, you are just wasting your time.


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Are There Ways to The Game Offline?

If you do a quick search on the internet, some people claim that there are ways to play Modern Combat 5 even without an internet connection. However, this method will require you to download the game from a third-party provider. There’s nothing wrong with downloading the game from a third-party provider since there are many trustworthy ones out there.

The real problem you will have is if the game would work properly in offline mode. It might be best to just stick to playing the game with an internet connection. That is because the offline mode might not allow you to save your progress in the game. What you can do, instead, is to try playing this game on a PC. It will be easier to control, plus you will have more fun playing on a computer. Download Modern Combat 5 now!