How to Play Modern Combat 5: Thrilling & Gripping Game Features




Shooting games are always fun and exciting to play, especially if it’s a multiplayer match because of how competitive these games can be. Of course, playing multiplayer shooting games can also be tiring for many people, which is why there are also cravings for campaign or story modes in shooting games. And this is what Modern Combat 5 is delivering.

It’s a first-person shooting game that offers a campaign mode, wherein you go on various missions and progress in the game’s story. What’s great about the campaign mode is that you don’t just get to stand in one area and shoot enemies until they are all gone. You get to move around, hide behind objects, and have a shootout with enemies. It’s a fun game mode that will allow you to take a break from multiplayer shooting actions.

But what other features does Modern Combat 5 offer? What other things can people expect when they play this first-person shooting game? Let’s discuss the main features that this game has to offer.




Modern Combat 5 Game Modes

One of the main features of Modern Combat 5 is that it has many different game modes available. The Campaign and Story Mode is not only the available options in the game. There’s also a Special Ops game mode, where you complete several objectives as you engage the enemy AI. The multiplayer mode is present in the game where you can play in various matches like a team deathmatch, a duel, or a free for all game.

The great thing about the multiplayer mode is you can choose to play against other people from all over the world or against your friends. All these game modes are fun and entertaining to play. It’s important to remember that the single-player modes will cost energy to play. So if you’re already out of energy, you will need to wait for it to be filled up or replenish it by watching ads or using resources.




11 Different Classes to Suit Your Playing Style

Another main feature of Modern Combat 5 is that it has nine different classes for you to activate and upgrade. These classes will provide you with specific skills you can use, either in solo or multiplayer gameplay. The nine classes are Sniper, Support, Recon, Assault, Bounty Hunter, Heavy, X1-Morph, Kommander, Sapper, Maurader, or Tracker. Each class provides several skills that you can use during matches.

Players can upgrade skills by earning Skill Points and using them. Upgrading these skills increases their stats, making you stronger and better in the process.




Different Guns to Use

What shooting game is complete without a variety of guns to use in the game? Fortunately, Modern Combat 5 also offers that. To unlock guns, though, you need to collect blueprints and then assemble them so you can use them in the game. You can also level up your guns to make them more powerful, but to do that, you need to master the lower level first before it moves to the next tier.

You can also equip several attachments to make your gun even more powerful. Equipping the best gun can be the difference between performing well during multiplayer matches or easily defeating Ais in solo matches. These main features show how great and fun Modern Combat 5 is. You won’t regret downloading and playing the game, because you will enjoy it.




How to Download Modern Combat 5

Trying the game on your PC is simpler than strategizing in the gameplay. Since you are here on this site, Heading to the Download page will be a great start for you to start your combat journey. Whether you are looking for a different version for your PC’s system, we’ve got an option for you to download the game. Or, if you’re looking for a faster way, clicking the “Play For Free” button on the Homepage will help you play the game on your PC.

Once you tried ticking the button, the installation process will now begin. There are a few more steps and guidelines that you need to take, not before the process will be complete. Make sure to follow all these requirements to enjoy all the features of the game once done. And there you go! It seems easy, right? You can start your adventure now and shoot as much as you can!